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for stressed out moms searching for more meaning, serenity, love and sanity in a world that doesn't appreciate all that you do.

I'm here for you.

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Welcome Mamma,

I'm Coach Kara-Lee Burke. Creator of The Zen Mamma Method. A proven path to living the life you want without guilt, shame, or remorse.

Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Healer, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Single Mom, Anxiety Survivor, and Coffee Lover on a mission to help you recognize yourself again, experience more passion and joy, and finally own your life by claiming your purpose.

More About Me

Zen Mamma Advantage

3 Benefits of Working with Me


Transform from anxious, unmotivated to a serene and happy zen mamma. Rediscover passion and purpose. Reclaim well-being and control.

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Step back from the edge of mommy burnout and overwhelm. Find balance in the chaos and uncertainty of being a mom in today's messy world.

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Increase self love, compassion, awareness, empowerment, and confidence while deepening relationships with people who matter most.

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Feeling Like Yourself, Embodying Your Dreams, and Having the Confidence and Clarity of Mind to Make Powerful Choices that'll Change Your Life Forever, in Motherhood and Beyond.

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Zen Mamma Program Suite

Self Guided Online Courses to Choose From

5 Days to Sanity

Motherhood can be crazy sometimes. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control. Imagine what it would feel like to take back control even in the most stressful circumstances.

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Mindgasm Workshop

Tying together sensuality, feminine energy, and the power of the mind, this program is designed to increase energy flow, boost confidence, and help reclaim lost libido.

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Reclaim the Self

A dynamic 6 week program that'll transform your life by reconnecting you with your essence, your true self, and empower you to choose and follow through with your dreams.

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"I've been dealing with health issues and feeling anxious, irritable as if I was crawling out of my own skin. I needed help to calm my nervous system down and feel grounded again. I felt the energy flow through me and I cannot even describe how it helped me feel calm and grounded again. Thank you Kara-Lee!"

Caroline Sabbah
Holistic Nutritionist

Feel Like Yourself Again

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