Compassion & Coaching

for Survivors of Emotional Abuse

Brain-Body-Soul Healing, to 'Never Go Through That Again'

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Heal Inner Wounds

to Break Free from Cycles of Abuse

You didn't choose to be abused. You didn't ask for this pain. But you found your way here because something inside you knows inner healing needs to happen before it's too late. 

Something happened in your past that made you subconsciously believe all relationships are painful and pain is all you deserve. It's not your fault.

Healing is possible.

You have the power to change.

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Coach Kara-Lee Burke



Soul Activator Coach and Healer

Helping You Turn Shame from Abuse into Self Compassion, Joy, and Emotional Freedom 

I used to wonder what was wrong with me.

I'd ask myself, "Why do I keep attracting the same relationships? Why do I feel so drawn to toxic narcissistic manipulative people?" Until I connected what happened to me as a child with the behaviour and subconscious thought patterns I was exhibiting as an adult. 

Who I learned to be, and what I was willing the accept, was directly related to what had happened to me as a child.

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I am a survivor of childhood sexual and emotional abuse.

And because of my adverse childhood experiences, I was stuck in a pattern of self harm, self sabotage, emotional pain, and regrets... until I decided I wanted to change and found a way to heal from the root up.

Trauma Informed Group Coaching

There's a Reason We Fall for Abusers Over and Over Again. The Answer is in Our Neurobiology and Trauma from the Past. But Healing Can Happen in the Right Community that Gives Us Meaning and Lights Up Our Soul.

This Program Will Help You

Integrate Healing

Brain, Body, and Soul

You'll learn to self-regulate, calmly face emotional triggers, and manage anxiety better than ever before.

 Become Self-Aware

Know Yourself & Trust Your Instincts

Finally understand why you end up in abusive relationships and shift feelings of shame into compassion. 

Transform & Heal

Yourself, Relationships, and Your Life

Heal the inner pain that makes abuse seem normal and finally reclaim your life and joy by taking back your power.

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Free yourself from the cycle of chronic abuse and trauma.

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