How to Deepen Love Connections

The Secret to a Deeper Love Connection

Feb 10, 2021

Love is in the air, and so is disappointment.


There’s so much pressure around Valentine’s Day

To be in love and have someone special in your life. And, if you have someone special, to show them how much you care with gifts like roses, chocolate, jewelry, and sexy panties… for us mamma’s anyway.


Off topic… What do you buy your significant other? Do you go big or just sprinkle them with kindness and affection?


I was never into Valentine’s Day until I had a kid. Now I love giving her gifts because… well… I can’t help myself. I feel compelled to do it, buying into the idea that gifts = love, even though I know better.


It’s a sad time of year for some who aren’t attached, because society says it’s strange to be alone and that you shouldn’t want to be alone, so go out there and quickly find someone… loser. Society can be a mean biatch.


Ugh… I want to rant about that, but I won’t. This message isn’t a relationship debate about the hidden costs of Valentine’s Day propaganda. It’s a message of deepening connections, whether that’s with someone else or yourself.


IMPORTANT NOTE: It's okay to be alone. If you aren't in a relationship, like me, know that you're still worthy of love and should focus on loving yourself as best you can... always. Make it a habit and you'll always feel loved and whole.


All love begins by loving yourself.


Getting Connected


There are better ways to show someone you love them (than buying gifts) and it starts with tapping into the love you feel for yourself.


You see, when you open up your heart and tap into the feelings (sensations) and emotions of love within you, you raise your vibrations and make it possible for others, like your partner, to be more drawn, attracted, and connected to you. Your energy shines brighter than the sun when you expand the energy of love inside your heart.


Your Self Love Creates More Love & Higher Vibrations


Love radiates from your being and reverberates around you, soothing, enlightening, healing, uplifting, and connecting.


Your heart has a powerful electromagnetic field around it, bigger than your brain, and that’s why healing and opening your heart are the secret ingredients to manifesting. It’s possible to use it’s magnetic pull to bring more intimacy and depth to your relationship, even if that relationship is with yourself. The heart is a magnet for all things wonderful and blessed. And I am going to help you harness its magic today.


The Simple Process for Heart Magic Begins in Meditation

Before you go out and buy all sorts of stuff your partner, and kids, don’t need, try sitting in meditation, alone and in silence, and simply focusing on the idea, sensations, and emotions of unconditional love. Feel it expand within you and around you. Try to sense your heart’s electromagnetic field all around your body while you focus on the warming and pulsing sensations of love.


It’ll feel like the dawning of the sun spreading over a vista, starting in your heart and then expanding outwards into your chest, through your extremities, into your throat, and finally out of the top of your head and through the soles of your feet. Your cheeks will glow and your eyes will sparkle. Sometimes I cry when this happens. Happy tears of joy and love I can’t really express in words. You’ll know it when it happens.


Love energy is creative energy. It’s super powerful and can be used to not only feel good, but heal from a painful past and manifest a better future.


When the warmth of your love energy envelopes you like a warm snuggly blanket, shift your mind to the object of your affection. Channel your mind towards your loved one. See them in your mind’s eye and start sending your love towards them.


If you’re channeling love to yourself and working on deepening the connection you have with yourself, visualize yourself in your mind.


Whether you’re working on yourself or someone else, visualize rays of pink sparkling light floating towards them from your heart. A bubble of pure love energy, infinite and wild in it’s embrace. See this person smiling and happy, ready to accept the love you have to share and opening their arms wide for a big hug.


Hugs are the perfect medicine and a great way to bring your loving heart energy close to someone else’s. In fact, a 20 second hug is enough to release a flood of the love hormone oxytocin, which will also help deepen and strengthen your bond. If all you can do is imagine this hug, your brain will still respond will a hormone release, as the brain doesn’t really know the difference between reality and a thought.


Simply by visualizing and feeling this love energy you'll open yourself up to receiving love. An energetic doorway between you and your beloved will widen, causing both of you to feel more safe to be vulnerable and intimate.


Even though you can’t see love energy, it’s always there. And you have the power to amplify it.


I’ve created a course that can help you tap into, expand, and channel love energy. It’s an in depth online meditation course I call Mindgasm.


I call it Midgasm because it’ll teach you to climax with your mind.

But that’s just one of the perks.


The idea behind Mindgasm is that it teaches you how to channel your energy, open your heart, and heal at a cellular level. It’s the foundation of manifestation, where learning to expand your energy, control your emotions, and let go of inhibitions are the driving force of creation.


Let me guide you towards a deeper connection with yourself and the ones you love by teaching you how to heal, shift, and channel your love vibrations.


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