the process of inner healing

Inner Healing, Like ALL Healing, Takes Time... Here's What to Do When You're Stuck

Mar 11, 2021

Wow... can you believe it's March 11th, 2021 already? Time sometimes feels like it's rushing by. Like there's never enough time to fit it all in. You know?

I have to remind myself to slow down and take my time. There's so much to experience in this life, so much to accomplish on a soul level, I'd hate to blink and miss the important stuff, like emotional healing and total mind-body-spirit alignment. 
When we're so busy being pushed and forced through this lifetime, we can easily feel displaced in the hum drum. Especially when we're silently suffering on the inside. 
The daily crazy can be overwhelming, draining, and all consuming we can't see how sad and lost we actually are. Our souls never get to fulfill their destiny because our ego is so driven by society's goals and standards for us.
And yet, we still feel like something is missing. A part of us needs to be fulfilled but there's a black hole sucking up all our time and energy preventing us from finding out what that something is.
That black hole is a void where trauma , disappointment, resentment, anger, and regret live. It's where the what if's, what could have been, and what should be live. It's a dangerous place in your psyche and a void that looks to be satisfied with things like drama, wine, sex, cupcakes, and dysfunctional relationships.
Even the drive for a perfect body and a luxurious lifestyle can come from a place of self hate and fear. The need for control manifests in many ways, but comes from the same place of pain in our inner worlds.
What's the solution? How can you feel whole and complete? How can you love yourself fully and completely and let go of a past that hurt you?
Healing is such a subjective concept, whenever I hear the word I cringe. It doesn't encompass the work that needs to be done and many people think they can take shortcuts or wonder why one energy/acupuncture/chiropractic/massage/psychic/cupping/etc. session didn't do the trick.
Emotional healing, and healing of any kind, is a lengthy, time consuming, process. It's easy to feel twisted upside down sometimes and not know where to turn and be frustrated with how long this journey is taking. And right when you think you've got it, it all (seemingly) falls apart.
When the night terrors, fear, doubt and confusion set in, I like to check in with my higher self for directions.
When I find myself overindulging in sweet treats and stepping back into self criticism (like hating my body and where I'm at in my life), I consciously become aware of that trauma behaviour pattern and pull a tool from my healers bag (metaphorically speaking) to change where my mind is headed. I never stop working on uprooting and shifting my old programming. It's a lifestyle now, but it wasn't always. I had to do the work to get to where I am today.
I've gone from suicidal and self harming to feeling safe, validated, and self appreciating, but it didn't happen overnight.
>> Overtime I've built a strong relationship with my higher self by nurturing and healing my wounded inner child.
My higher self is my reliable compass and trusted guide.
BUT she can be hard to hear when my ego is screaming, my inner child is sobbing, and the noise of the world could shatter glass.
When that happens, when you can't hear yourself think, it's painful to focus, you feel like a darkness is falling over you, you can't see straight, making sound decisions is impossible, and all you want to do is collapse into bed for days, where do you turn? Who can you talk to to settle your nerves?
>> Tarot and oracle guidance help me see inner demons and fears I can't or won't see in moments of inner terror and shines a light on the best way forward from this (usually horribly stuck and frozen) moment. Especially when meditating to connect with my higher self is beyond impossible thanks to my racing thoughts and restless legs - when stress and panic are nagging at me.
Connecting with my spirit guides helps me settle my nerves and get enough clarity to focus on healing and ascension.
I ask questions like:
  1. What do I need to know today?
  2. What am I not seeing?
  3. How can I deepen my healing practice?
  4. How should I proceed in order to achieve?
  5. What does my inner self need me to know right now?
You can get more specific too.
I use these same style questions in my higher self connection meditations and journaling, when I need guidance from my intuition, my gut, my higher self and my spirit guides. Arguably all the same thing.
But on those tough days, when I'm consumed with uncertainty and fear and feel frozen as time rushes by I consult with my cards to get a glimpse of how to un-stuck myself.
Do you need help getting un-stuck sometimes too?
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I'm here for your healing.
And if you're not ready yet, I post weekly guidance from the universe in a pick a card reading. The focus is always on healing and is a great way to get some loving support that costs nothing but less than 15 minutes of your time.
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