Working Moms Find Purpose Amidst Chaos

Moms Fight Back, after years of playing it cool

Oct 21, 2020

Moms have a tendency of pretending everything’s fine, sunshine and roses; when they’re drowning in misery, worry, and self isolation – doing too much, never asking for credit, validation, and more than they get…


PSA! Pass this on to all the hard working mammas you know, then keep reading for an important message re: reclaiming your value in a world that devalues your dedication (to family and career), too many sleepless nights, unending compassion and thoughtfulness, and silent strength.


Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t ask for more, take time for yourself, or lead an exciting purposeful life beyond motherhood.


Yes, kids and family are important aspects of your life, but so are you. If you’re not happy, they won’t be happy either.


Do you remember when your mom was unhappy? Her eyes a little vacant, her body rigid and turned inward as if to protect her heart from the ravages of her thoughts… Remember how you felt knowing she was hurting, but not knowing why, believing it must be your fault?


It wasn’t you. It was her. Those demons from her past, disappointments with herself, and worries over a future she had no control over. She loved you unconditionally and would go to the ends of the Earth to protect you. She had no idea you saw her sadness and anxiety, yet you did.


She gave up her dreams for you, but what you really wanted was for her to inspire you by following her dreams - you didn't know this consciously though, so don't blame yourself for her guilt.


You are just as important, meaningful, and filled with potential as your children are. They want to see you rise, because they want to learn from you. Wouldn't that be amazing? To be the inspiration your kids need to live their dreams.


You deserve happiness, abundance, joy, and serenity. You must follow your dreams and claim your ultimate purpose in this life or it will always feel empty and lacking… something you can’t put your finger on.


When you let the true meaning if life, which is living with purpose, joy, gratitude and love, slip through your fingers, every day will feel like a struggle. With that feeling comes a sense of anxiety, panic and attempts to fill a void with material stuff, wine, chocolate, and bad relationships with toxic friends, jobs, and partners.


You’ll resent everyone and everything in your life when you fail to claim and live according to your life’s true purpose.


And if you’re here reading this blog, I know you feel like something’s missing. You’re unfulfilled, but not sure why. You’re angry all the time, snappy and grumpy, pushing yourself beyond your breaking point but can’t see the value in all the time spent. It doesn’t quite add up. Where’s the time going? What do you have to show for it? Why are you so unhappy when you have everything you ever thought you wanted? Why can’t you make a decision to change… and then stick to them.


Your Soul is Calling You

Your soul, spirit, higher self, subconscious (whatever you want to call it) is calling you to be something else, to claim what's rightfully yours. It’s not asking you to give up putting your whole heart and dedication into being the best mom you can be. That’s a part of your purpose… but there’s obviously more if you feel this way (empty, powerless, and lost).


Contrary to what our modern world wants us to believe, there are many pieces of your being that can be, and should be, integrated into one sparkling sense of wholeness. You can work, you can build a career, you can choose a different path, and you can be a passionate lover, friend, and mother. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


To radically transform your life, let go of trying to be too perfect in any one area of your life, and start working smarter and with intention. Reclaim your sanity by restoring serenity and a sense of balance and wholeness by healing and living more mindfully.


If you don’t know where to start, I created an online self-directed course that can help you feel better inside yourself. It’ll help you manage anxiety and stress, communicate with love and intention, forgive and move on from past pain. It’ll give you the freedom to start making choices that are better for you and more in line with the kind of life you really want to live.


"To get to where you want to go, first you must heal from what’s holding you back."      - Kara-Lee Burke


CLICK HERE to learn more about my 5 Days to Sanity online self-directed course. It’s just $297 and was designed to help you reconcile the need to be a great mom and the urge to do something more - by restoring peace and joy that'll make mental and energetic space for more passion, ideation, and creation.


What you have and how you feel is not all there is. You can have and be anything you want. Start by healing your heart and listing to your soul.



All my love,


Kara-Lee Burke

The Zen Mamma



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