Self-Love versus Self-Care

3 Ways Self Love Differs from Self Care

Feb 03, 2021

So, it’s the month of love and you’re all about pampering yourself. It’s all over your Insta feed and cluttering up your inbox (totally aware of the irony there :D) reminding you to show yourself, and the ones you love, extra tlc.


You’re hooked on self-care… and that’s awesome!!!


You’re taking extra long showers, stealing moments away (from your cute monster kids) in the bathroom to breathe, and promising yourself to walk and exercise more. You’ve ordered yourself a cute new top and that necklace you’ve been obsessing over, and maybe you’re considering getting dressed and ready in the morning (like almost a year ago before the pandemic left you isolated at home looking like a scary bridge troll. No, not the cuties on Disney Plus).


Sure, you’re caring for your (essential, basic) needs, buying yourself something extra because why not, but are you really showing yourself love???


Shaving your legs more than once a week is not self-love.


Splurging on SKIMS (on my ‘because I deserve it’ list btw) is not self-love.


A lot of women, especially moms, consider self-care and self-love the same thing, but THEY ARE NOT. Not at all. Especially these days. Here’s where the confusion comes from…


Self-care has become a ‘luxury’ as busy-overachieving-perfectionism has become the ‘norm’ and rewarded with praise, promotions, awards, accolades, applause, more followers and likes. It’s a race to the top and, in our society, we value looking good and ‘being’ good over feeling (emotionally) good inside ourselves. We’re wearing ourselves too thin trying to prove we’re worthy and end up with a bunch of pictures that look good instead of a life that feels good.


Although we do take care of our essential basic needs, we fail to take extra time to check in with our emotional, spiritual, and energetic well-being because we’re so focused on everything around us.


Self-care has actually become a last minute, to-do, I’ll put it on the list… cliché. In reality many of us struggle to make time to take care of our physical and mental well-being and we only really do it because those are the money makers. Without some form of self-care, there would very little productivity because stress and overwhelm kill motivation.


Self-care has become an Insta worthy moment, rather than an essential stress reducing ritual, but it should be the other way around. Instead, it’s a means to an end and way to stay afloat to keep the wheels of life turning.


And that’s fine. That’s what makes self-care essential. But that doesn’t make self-care the same as self-love.


Does that make sense?


If essential self-care is a way to keep life, and money, in flow, what the heck is self-love? How is it different?


3 Ways Self-Love is Different from Self-Care


  • Self-Love is How You Vibrate from the Inside Out


  • It’s how you feel about yourself on a deep subconscious level.


  • It’s ow you treat yourself, speak to yourself, enjoy yourself, and believe in yourself.


Self-love comes a from a place of feeling worthy, confident, blessed, purposeful, and alive with high vibing energy.


When you truly LOVE YOURSELF you can forgive your past self for making mistakes and have compassion for the little girl inside of you who feels hurt, misunderstood, and not as good as person x. When you love yourself you don’t hold onto blame, shame, guilt, and anger because you know how that bad energy poisons you. You try to be self-aware enough to let go of judgements, doubts, and fears as soon as they arise because you believe whole-heartedly in you and are enjoying life being nobody but you.


Self-Love is a never-ending journey because we’re human and imperfect. We do things and say things we don’t mean and are always making mistakes and learning from them. Show me a person who never makes mistakes and I’ll show you a person with a lot of skeletons in their closet hiding behind a mask of perfection with a history of trauma they may not even remember.


Self-love is an essential part of success and happiness because the root of self-love is self-worth and acceptance. You can’t be successful and happy without fully accepting imperfect self and all of the experiences, good and bad, that made you who you are today.


Takeaway: The Key Building Blocks of Self-Love are:


Be Self Aware

Know how and why you feel, think, and behave in the present moment and be see yourself objectively, from a bird’s eye view and don’t be afraid to try a different approach when something isn’t working for you.


Accept Yourself

Honour who you are, how you look and feel, and what you believe in without trying to change these things to be anything but your self  


Know that You Are Worthy and Good Enough

Your past doesn’t define you, although it has affected you. But no matter who treated you like you weren’t deserving or less than them, know that they were wrong. You are so worthy of everything you want and more and you are good enough to get it. Remember, hurt people hurt other people. They are a reflect of their pain, not of your existence.


Nurture Yourself

Give yourself space to reflect, relax, rejuvenate, and grow so you can take the world by storm with passion, a sense of purpose and pride.


Take Care of Yourself

Because taking care of your needs is essential to living a healthy and balanced life


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