Spiritual Coaching, Tarot Guidance, and Virtual Self Healing Programs

For women and moms feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, fearful, anxious, and filled with doubt.

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My Method

All of My Services and Programs are Designed Help You Reclaim a Sense of Self, Purpose, and Inner Power.

An Integrative Approach to:

  • Restore Inner Peace,

  • Reclaim Identity, and

  • Live a Purpose Driven Life

My online self-guided courses, one-on-one spiritual coaching, and intuitive tarot guidance sessions combine Ancient Meditation and Mindfulness Practices, the Guiding Principles of Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Yoga Nidra, Nature Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Intuitive & Quantum Energy Healing, Tarot & Oracle Cards Interpretation, Chakra Balancing, and Journaling to help you heal your mind, body and spirit. This integrative approach to the well-being of your mind-body-spirit is uniquely designed to inspire and empower you to recover from exhaustion and emotional pain while aligning with your true purpose and create the life you really want to live.

Services Include:


Spiritual Coaching - Free yourself from anxiety, doubts, fears, and worries holding you back and making you unhappy. Powerful and transformative healing on a sub conscious and soul level.

Intuitive Tarot Guidance - Answers and insight into your most pressing problems and life stresses. Overcome the challenges with divinely guided messages from spirit, your angels, and the quantum realm.

Energy Healing - Pranic and Reiki universal energy healing is a natural, organic, way to heal your mind, body and spirit, beyond a cellular level. This life changing ancient healing technique can shift your consciousness, raise your energetic frequency, and heal generations of trauma residing in your energy field. It's something you can't see, but you can feel it as it lightens your emotional burdens and touches your soul.


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Virtual Self Paced Programs Currently Available Include:


5 Days to Sanity - An intensive course designed to help you reclaim inner peace in as little as 5 days using simple, yet effective, mindfulness techniques, mindset shifts, and guided meditations. Learn More


Mindgasm - A wonderful energetically robust program that'll teach you how to have a full body orgasm using only the power of your mind. This is about more than sexual satisfaction though. It'll teach you how to channel the energy around your body and mind for improved vitality, healing, self love, and intimate connections. Yes, it'll spark your mojo, but it'll do so much more. Learn More


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5 Days to Sanity

Restore, Align, Attract

to Fall in Love with Life Again


First, we work to restore your vital energy, reduce feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, practice effective stress management strategies that work best for you, and, probably the most important, change how you automatically respond to stress in the future. This phase of my coaching programs will bring you more peace, clarity, energy and the ability to connect with that part of you that you've been missing.



Second, we reconnect with your true self, the self you've ignored and put on the back burner while making everyone else's needs a priority. This is my favourite stage of working with clients because I get to watch you tap into your creative power and see passion and purpose blossom. It's like watching a child explore the unknown for the very first time. A light turns on and your eyes sparkle. I'm tearing up right now writing this as I imagine that spark you'll feel in your belly and in your heart.


Once you've completed the journey of aligning with your true and essential self, it's time to go after your goals and start attracting, and going after, the life of your dreams. My programs are more than empowerment, self-love practices. My methods are about illuminating what's been hidden inside of you and showing you how to access the gifts you were born with.

You have the power inside you to live the life you want. My mission is to help you reclaim that power to own your life again.

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I spent years 'doing life' in a constant state of hyper arousal, stressed out, rather than living life with intention and on purpose. I was trying to be something I'm not. 

Learning to Take My Power Back with Mindfulness Changed My Life

Now I Want to Help You Do the Same
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Everything I've experienced, all the ups and downs, has led me to this moment to help hard working women and moms love life again. The spark of a passionate and purpose is within you! Let me help you claim it.

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