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Emailed Intuitive Card Reading

Accelerate Your Spiritual Healing with an Intuitive Card Reading Sent Right to Your InboxOvercome Self Limiting Beliefs, Behaviours, Feelings and Emotions

➤ Feel more certain about your life's journey

➤ Understand why you feel angry, disconnected, unmotivated and unfulfilled

➤ Take your power back, heal from the past and create a better future

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One-on-One Services

Spiritual Coaching and Soul Activation - Free yourself from anxiety, doubts, fears, and worries holding you back and making you unhappy. Powerful and transformative healing on a sub conscious and soul level.

60 min. sessions - $160


Intuitive Tarot Guidance - Answers and insight into your most pressing problems and life stresses. Overcome the challenges with divinely guided messages from spirit, your angels, and the quantum realm.

30 min. session - $80

60 min. sessions - $160


Energy Healing - Pranic and Reiki universal energy healing is a natural, organic, way to heal your mind, body and spirit, beyond a cellular level. This life changing ancient healing technique can shift your consciousness, raise your energetic frequency, and heal generations of trauma residing in your energy field. It's something you can't see, but you can feel it as it lightens your emotional burdens and touches your soul.

add on to Tarot Guidance sessions - $40


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