There's nothing more incredible than helping other moms reclaim sanity, serenity and a sense of self.


Read my favourite testimonials (a.k.a. 'Client Wins) below.

My Serenity Programs are designed help you reclaim a sense of self, purpose, and power.

"That was so good Kara-Lee. I really feel good, you really got into my psyche in a good way and reset my brain. Let's please do the chakra clearing."

- Marta S., Fitness Manager

"Morning! I wanted to send you a thank you note for being you and my spiritual teacher! Sunday's meditation was an eye opening experience for me and taught me exactly what I needed to feel!

Thank you. Have a great week and I'll see you Sunday. "

-Amie Loga, Life Coach

"I have to say I'm truly impressed with Kara-Lee's work. I have never been one who was able to meditate as I have always been so stressed and on the go mentally and physically. Kara-Lee has been able to bring me to a state of meditation. Speaking to her when I'm going through an enormous amount of stress and anxiety, her tone, her words and her aura always bring me to a point of relaxation helping think through the process of my anxiety or stress and helping me search the root problem. 

I truly recommend anyone needing stress management or guided meditation to see Kara-Lee. A true angel to be around!


Thank you Kara-Lee"

-Elena Fastro, Medical esthetician 

"Thank you again for yesterday. It really help ground me especially now as I've been feeling that I was crawling out of my skin. 


Today I had a truly wonderful Reiki session with Kara-Lee. I've been dealing with health issues and feeling anxious, irritable as if I was crawling out of my own skin. I needed help to calm my nervous system down and feel grounded again. Kara-Lee has this calming and nurturing voice that carries you into meditation and makes you feel as if your in a safe place to let go. I felt the energy flow through me and I cannot even describe how it helped me feel calm and grounded again. Thank you Kara-Lee!"

- Caroline Sabbah, Holistic Nutritionist

I started working with Kara-Lee at a point in my life where I felt lost both personally and professionally.  I felt stuck and unhappy and couldn’t see how to create the change I knew I needed.  Kara-Lee helped me find myself again through reiki, but also through non-judgemental yet challenging questions and conversations.  She provided tools and ‘homework’ to keep me engaged and eventually allowed me to find my way out of the mire and onto the correct path for me. I am full of light and gratitude.


= Vera F., Change Consltant

Dear Kara-Lee,

I’ve never really been into crystals before but a yoga teacher recently mentioned the healing nature of crystals and I thought it fit with how I would like to thank everyone who has helped me through this journey.

I am so grateful for your support. Each time I have seen you, you have spent so much time listening to me and really hearing what I was saying. You are such an intuitive, compassionate, kind and caring person with whom I felt comfortable the moment I met you. Not only are you such a good listener but you seem to “get” me, sometimes even more than I get myself! You have truly played a pivotal role in my recovery.

Once again, I just want to say thank you for your support because you have helped me live life again.


Elana M., Child Psychologist

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Everything I've experienced and felt, all the ups and downs, has led me to this moment to help women, especially hard working, care giving and disenchanted moms find passion and love for life again. The spark of a passionate life is within you!

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